11 August, 1815
George Watt born at Springfield Farm (Watt House), Hanover County, VA of Hugh and Sarah Bohannon Kidd Watt.
Taken from school and apprenticed to Wm. Smythe, china-ware dealer, in Richmond. Returned to father's farm after six months.
Apprenticed to brother-in-law John Haw at Haw's Shop, Hanover County, to learn mechanics after 6-8 months on father's farm.
Moved west, then south to Alabama after early apprentice release, where in business with brother Hugh Washington Watt (by trade Carpenter), farming.
Began manufacturing plows in Gainesville, AL.
11 April, 1842
Plow Patent, No. 2,458, Geo. Watt of Gainesville, Alabama, Wit: P. Elliot & E. Maher. "Watt's Cuff, Brace, and Gauge Plow" based on dream.
19 May, 1842
Watt's first plow displayed at Hanover County Agricultural Fair.
15 March, 1845
Horse-Power Patent, No. 3,953, John Haw of Hanover, VA, Signed in Presence of George Watt and George W. Elliott
January 1846
Moved business to 1450 Franklin Street, Richmond VA. below James Harden's Livery Stables: Started Geo. Watt & Co.
7 March, 1849
Manfred Call born in Newcastle, Lincoln County, Maine of Moses Call and Sarah Elizabeth Bryant.
25 October, 1852
George Watt marries Sarah Haw Hooper, daughter of Joseph Hooper and Elizabeth Carleton Haw of Hanover County, VA.
1-4 November, 1853
Richmond, VA, First Annual State Fair of the Virginia Agricultural Society held. George Watt & Co. awarded $6 Premium for Watt's Cuff Cultivator.
9 December, 1856
Plow Patent, No. 16,218, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Wm. Chas. Everett & A. Pollok.
23 June, 1857
Picket-Sawing Machine Patent No. 17,626, John Haw of Old Church, VA, Wit.: Geo. Patten, John S. Hollingshead.
10 November, 1857
Reissue No. 506 of Plow Patent, No. 16,218 dated 9 Dec 1856.
9 February, 1858
Plow Patent, No. 19,321, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Wm. S. Sumner & G. W. Dyer. Hanover Plow
22 December, 1858
Geo. Watt & Co. dissolved. New partnership of Geo. Watt & Co. established.
8 March, 1859
Improvement in Seed Planters Patent, No. 23,206, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Geo. Patten & John S. Hollingshead.
26 July, 1859
Picker Sawing-Machine Improvement, Specification of Additional Improvement, No. 244 forming a part of Letters Patent No. 17,626, dated 23 Jun 1857.
2 August, 1859
Additional Improvement No. 245 of Plow Patent, No. 19,321, dated 9 Feb 1858.
Billheads of Geo. Watt & Co. Richmond VA, in operation during War Between States.
10 July, 1866
Plow Patent, No. 56,298, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Alexr. A. C. Klaucke & Charles A. Pettit.
4 September, 1866
Whiffletree Patent, No. 57,801, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Alexr. A. C. Klaucke & John A. Weilsheim.
7 May, 1867
Plow Handle Patent, No. 64,464 Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Wm. S. Sumner & C. M. Pleasants.
26 November, 1867
Plow Patent No. 71,560, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: C. M. Pleasants & R(ichardson). W(allace). Haw. Watt Plow
17 December, 1867
Whiffletree Patent, No. 72,248, Geo. Watt Richmond, VA, Wit: C. M. Pleasants & R(ichardson). W(allace). Haw.
31 December, 1867
Co-Partnership between George Watt and Hugh A. Watt under George Watt & Co. dissolved by mutual consent. Hugh A. Watt retired from Business.
1 January, 1868
George Watt and W. C. Knight formed co-partnership as Watt and Knight.
1 January, 1868
1 October, 1872
Billhead Watt & Knight
4 August, 1868
Reissue No. 3,071 of Plow Patent, No. 19,321, dated 9 Feb, 1858 and Additional Improvement No. 245 dated 2 Aug, 1859.
6 July, 1869
Plow Patent, No. 92,408 (Broad Throat), Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: W. C. Knight & R. A. Williams. This patent relates primarily to Patent No. 71,560, 26 Nov, 1867.
6 July, 1869
Clevis Attachment, Patent, No. 92,409, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: I. Davenport & R. A. Williams.
17 August, 1869
Reissue No. 3609 of Plow Patent, No. 71,560 dated 26 Nov, 1867.
1 October, 1872
George Watt entered into partnership with Manfred Call in newly formed Watt & Call Co.
8 October, 1872
Manfred Call marries Sarah Elizabeth Watt, daughter of George and Sarah H. Watt of Richmond, VA.
1 July, 1873
Harrows Improvement, Patent No. 140,563, George Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Manfred Call, R. A. Williams.
7 September, 1875
Cotton Sweeps Improvements, Patent No. 167,494, Manfred Call, of Richmond, VA, Wit. R. K. Williams & Geo. Watt, Sr. (Application filed 19 Oct, 1874)
11 April, 1876
Tobacco Presses Improvements, Patent No. 176,007, John L. Jones of Greensborough, N.C., assignor to Manfred Call of Richmond, VA. (Application filed 2 Dec, 1875).
New factory and warehouses erected to meet large demand of 100 plows.
23 April, 1878
Harrows Improvement Patent, No. 202,903, Geo. Watt, Sr. of Richmond, VA, Wit: Manfred Call & R. A. Williams.
17 February, 1880
Watt Chilled Plow: Plow Patent, No. 224,750, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Manfred Call & R. A. Williams.
16 October, 1883
Fence Patent, No. 286,750, Geo. Watt of Richmond, VA, Wit: Manfred Call & J(ohn). O(sborne). Haw.
19 December, 1884
Fire - Watt & Call agricultural business "moulding" department, with 400 wagons stored therein, destroyed by fire. Office and finishing department not damaged. Manfred Call's private stable and horse burned.
25 December, 1884
George Watt died, Richmond, VA. "...it was greatly through his instrumentality that the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was organized..." (from his obituary)
24 March, 1885
Crown Plow: Plow Patent No. 314,362, Manfred Call of Richmond, VA, Wit: R. A. Williams & Geo. Watt. (Application filed 4 Dec 1884)
Modern iron plow factory (foundry and shops) building rebuilt after fire of 1884.
Fall, 1888
Watt & Call reorganized as The Watt Plow Co. with Manfred Call still involved.
30 September, 1893
Incorporation: The Watt Plow Co., 1518-20 Franklin Street, Richmond VA. Formed with members Arthur C. Sinton, Pres., R. R. Gwathmey, V.P. and Manfred Call, Sec.
Call-Watt Company organized by Manfred Call and his son Douglas Call with warehouse at 13 East Franklin Street, Richmond VA. Manfred Call out of The Watt Plow Co.
26 October, 1927
Manfred Call dba Call-Watt Company sells the remaining parts of the company to Emporia Machine Co. of Greenville Co., VA, including the stock of patterns of the Crown, Crescent and Watt Plows, the parts, patterns, trademarks, etc. (Last vestiges of The Watt Plow Co. predecessors.)
14 February, 1928
Manfred Call dies in Atlanta, GA.